Parent or Guardian over the age of 18
Child/Children if under 18 years of age


  • PHONES & CAMERAS are STRICTLY PROHIBITED  from the studio due to the sensitive nature of the surroundings and subjects within the studio.  Clients are being provided a service for which they pay for and therefor the only devices of this nature allowed within the studio or session location are those that belong to Jennifer McDougald of Adore Photography.


  • PLEASE make special arrangements for children or pets that aren't involved in all photos.


  • The session fee is a creative retainer to hold the time/day of the session. If the client cancels or no shows the creative retainer is non refundable. 
  • Newborn safety practices are always in place when working with your baby.  Jennifer McDougald of Adore photography always works  to assure baby is safe at all times.  During posing baby is jostled about (be it very gently) and occasionally issues can arise such as dispelling of the cord stump, or irritation of circumcisions.  Though the photographer takes the utmost care to prevent any issues, and will not risk baby comfort for a shot, these things can and do happen.  The client is aware that these issues are a possibility and releases Jennifer of Adore photography  from any liability relating to these.
  •  Changes to files or photos once they have been edited and printed will be subject to additional charges. This includes re-editing or touch ups of any kind requested by the client


  • The Client shall assist and cooperate with the Photographer in obtaining the desired photographs, including but not limited to specifying persons and/or scenes to be photographed; taking time to pose for photographs at the Photographer’s direction; pre-shoot consultaions; following the photographer’s prep guide; etc. Photographer shall not be responsible for photographs not taken as a result of Client’s failure to provide reasonable assistance or cooperation. These guidelines are all to be followed in the set time frame allowed by your session (pr-discussed with the photographer)


  • The photographer retains copyright to the photographs, and will not be delivering WALL ART/USB/CD of full resolution copies unless purchased by the client for a pr-discussed fee. Photographs shall be delivered using FINE ART PRINTS, WALL ART or DIGITAL only after purchase is completed and paid for in full. Digital copies will be put on a USB if all digitals are purchased.


  • All Images taken by Adore Photography are protected under the Copyright Act Law. Copyrights legally belongs to the photographer until a print release is purchased. Use of Adore Photography’s images without purchasing a digital print release is prohibited and in violation under the Canadian Copyright Act, and will be taken upon the law


  • Adore photography and any working assistant of liability due to any injuries sustained if not appropriately supervised within the studio.  Accidents can happen within the studio.  The parents release Adore photography, Jennifer McDougald of liability due to any injury sustained during a photo shoot in studio or away from the studio.  Any allergies arising from ingestion of cake smash cakes, any type of food photo session are not the fault of the photographer, studio or assistant.  


  •  PAYMENTS are NON REFUNDABLE! If full payment isn’t received by the agreed upon date, no digitals/wall art/prints/packages will be provided.


  • The photographer also reserves the right to adjust pricing at any time and without notice. The client does lock in quoted fees with the payment of their wall art/prints until the expiry of their payment/payment plan, after which any new pricing will apply.


This contract shall be governed by the laws of the country of Canada in the province of Saskatchewan and any applicable federal or provincial laws.

All Images taken by Adore Photography are protected under the Copyright Act Law.

Copyrights legally belongs to the photographer until a print release is purchased. Altering of Adore Photography’s images without purchasing a digital print release is prohibited and in violation under the Canadian Copyright Act, and will be taken upon the law


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